Telecom Information Bulletin CRTC 2010-962

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Ottawa, 23 December 2010

Format for requests for information and responses

1. This bulletin sets out, for telecommunications proceedings, the format to be used by parties in formulating requests for information and responses, which are provided for in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure (SOR/2010-277). Such requests can contain one or more separate questions.

Form of request

2. A request must

  1. be addressed to the party; and
  2. be identified with a designation in the following form: “xxxx (zzzz) dd-mm-yy,” where
    1. the first element, “xxxx,” is an abbreviation, acronym, or initialism of the name of the party to whom the request is addressed;
    2. the second element, “zzzz,” in parentheses, is an abbreviation, acronym, or initialism of the name of the requesting party; and
    3. the third element, “dd-mm-yy,” is the date of the request.

Numbering of questions

3. Individual questions contained in a request must be numbered consecutively.

Form of response

4. A response to a request must be in the following form:

(full name of party responding) Response to Request “xxxx (zzzz) dd-mm-yy”

(date of response)

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Preamble: (reproduce any preamble set out in the request)

Q. (reproduce question, including the question number)

A. (set out response)

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