Broadcasting Information Bulletin CRTC 2009-451

Ottawa, 27 July 2009

Applications for technical amendments associated with the upcoming changes to the Department of Industry’s interference protection criteria for FM stations

In this information bulletin, the Commission reminds licensees of FM radio stations that, in their applications for technical amendments for increased parameters, they must continue to demonstrate an economic or technical need for the amendments.

1. The Department of Industry (the Department) has announced that, effective 1 January 2011, the domestic interference protection criteria for FM stations as set forth in Broadcast Procedures and Rules – Part 3: Application Procedures and Rules for FM Broadcasting Undertakings will be amended to promote a more efficient use of the scarce FM broadcast spectrum.1

2. Specifically, the Department will protect FM radio stations from interference based on the protected contour set at operating parameters rather than the protected contour set at the maximum parameters for their class.

3. Should a licensee decide to apply for an increase of technical parameters in light of the Department’s announcement, the Commission will evaluate the application in the same manner as other applications for technical amendments. Therefore, the Commission reminds licensees that, in their applications for technical amendments, they must continue to demonstrate, with supporting documentation, a technical need and/or an economic need (for commercial licensees). For example, a licensee must unequivocally demonstrate how the increased coverage will:

Secretary General

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[1] Notice No. SMBR-003-08 – Changes to the Domestic Protection Criteria for FM Broadcast Stations

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