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Public Notice

Ottawa, 15 February 1999

Public Notice CRTC 1999-28

The Commission has received the following applications:


Application (199806486) by STAR CHOICE TELEVISION NETWORK INCORPORATED to amend the broadcasting licence of its national satellite relay distribution undertaking (SRDU), by adding the signals of KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM, KISC-FM, KDRK-FM, KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM and KPBX-FM Spokane, Washington, received via satellite.

Examination of application:

Star Choice Television Network Incorporated
Suite 1600
439 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1Y8


The Commission has received applications from the following cable licensees to amend the broadcasting licences of the cable distribution undertakings listed below, by authorizing the distribution, at their option, of the following programming services from Spokane, Washington, as part of the basic service:

Application No. & Locality Examination of Applications/Applicant

MONARCH 199806618 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM Monarch Cablesystems Ltd.
CABLESYSTEMS Medicine Hat and/et KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 1001 Kingsway Avenue South
LTD/ Redcliff, Alberta KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM East/1001 sud-est,
avenue Kingsway
Medicine Hat, Alberta
T1A 2X7

Town Office/Bureau municipal
4900 - 50 Street/
4900, rue 50
Taber, Alberta

Town Office/Bureau municipal
201 First Avenue West/
201 ouest, avenue First
Brooks, Alberta

OKANAGAN RADIO 199806593, 199806601 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 816 Michel
LTD. 199806791, 199806809 KISC-FM, KDRK-FM Elkford, British Columbia/
33 Carmi Avenue/ Elkford, Fernie and/et KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM (Colombie-Britannique)
33, avenue Carmi Sparwood; and/et KPBX-FM
Penticton, British Kimberley, British 691- 9th Avenue/
Columbia Columbia/(Colombie- 691, 9e avenue
(Colombie- Britannique) Fernie, British Columbia/
Britannique) (Colombie-Britannique)

136 Spruce Avenue/
136, avenue Spruce
Sparwood, British Columbia/

1650 Warren Avenue/
1650, avenue Warren
Kimberley, British Columbia/

SHAW 199901228 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 7633 - 50thStreet/
CABLESYSTEMS Bruderheim and/et KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 7633, 50e rue
LTD. Lamont, Alberta KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Edmonton, Alberta
2001 - 27th Avenue KPBX-FM
North East/
2001, 27e avenue nord-est KXLY-TV (ABC)
Calgary, Alberta KREM-TV (CBS)

199806527, 199806775 KZZU-FM, KISC-FM Suite 900
199806585 KXLY-FM, KDRK-FM 630-3rd Avenue South West/ Calgary (part of/secteur KEZE-FM, KPBX-FM 630, 3e avenue sud-ouest
de), Crossfield; KMBI-FM Calgary, Alberta
Calgary (part of/secteur
de) Airdrie and/et 2001-27th Avenue North East/
Cochrane; and /et 2001, 27e avenue nord-est
Edmonton (part of/ Calgary, Alberta
secteur d') and
surrounding area/ Town Office/Bureau municipal
et la région avoisinante, 141 Railway Street/
Alberta 141, rue Railway
Crossfield, Alberta

City Hall/Hôtel de ville
125 Main Street/
125, rue Main
Airdrie, Alberta

Town Office/Hôtel de ville
220 - 2 Street West/
220, rue 2 ouest
Cochrane, Alberta

7633 - 50 Street/
7633, rue 50
Edmonton, Alberta

199901210 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 2001-27th Avenue North East/
Chestermere Lake, KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 2001, 27e avenue nord-est
Alberta KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Calgary, Alberta

199807830 KMBI-FM, KZZU-FM Detail Hair Craft
Coleman/Bellevue/ KISC-FM, KXLY-FM Blairmore Mall/
Hillcrest/Frank/ KDRK-FM, KEZE-FM Mail Blairmore
Blairmore, Alberta KPBX-FM Blairmore, Alberta

199806551 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 208 Beacon Hill Road/
Fort McMurray, KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 208, chemin Beacon Hill
Mildred Lake Camp, KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Unit/unité 200
and/et Saprae KPBX-FM Fort McMurray, Alberta
Creek, Alberta KAYU-TV (FOX)

199807799 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 104 Wanyandi Avenue/
Hinton, Alberta KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 104, avenue Wanyandi
KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Hinton, Alberta

199806626 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM Suite 101
Lethbridge, Alberta KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 1232, 3rd Avenue South/
KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM 1232, 3e avenue sud
KPBX-FM Lethbridge, Alberta

199806543 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM Radio Shack
Pincher Creek, KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 1300 Hewetson Avenue/
Crowley and/et KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM 1300, avenue Hewetson
Lundbreck, Alberta KPBX-FM Pincher Creek, Alberta

199806577 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 6123 - 48t Avenue/
Red Deer and area/ KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 6123, 48e avenue
et la région, Alberta KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Red Deer, Alberta

199901244 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 7633 - 50th Street/
Redwater, Alberta KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 7633, 50e rue
KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Edmonton, Alberta

199901236 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM Suite 900
Strathmore, Alberta KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 630-3rd Avenue South West/
KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM 630, 3e avenue sud-ouest
KPBX-FM Calgary, Alberta

199807807 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM M&G Foods
Canal Flats and/et KISC-FM, KDRK-FM Grainger Road/chemin
Radium, British KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Grainger
Columbia/(Colombie- KPBX-FM Canal Flats, British Columbia/ Britannique) (Colombie-Britannique)

Selkirk TV
1231 - 7th Avenue/
1231, 7e avenue
Invermere, British Columbia/

199901203 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 1951 Columbia Avenue/
Castlegar, Robson, KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 1951, avenue Columbia
Blueberry Creek, Trail, KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Castlegar, British Columbia/
Rossland, Montrose, KPBX-FM, (Colombie-Britannique)
Fruitvale, Nelson, KHQ-TV (ABC)
Shore Acres, Sitkim KREM-TV (CBS)
Creek, Kokanee KXLY-TV (ABC)
Creek, Proctor, KSPS-TV (PBS)
Genelle,Lower China KAYU-TV (FOX)
Creek and/
et Upper China Creek,
British Columbia/

199806569, 199806783 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 133 - 8th Avenue South/
Cranbrook, Invermere, KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 133, 8e avenue sud
Athalmer and/et KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Cranbrook, British Columbia/
Windermere, British KPBX-FM (Colombie-Britannique)
Columbia/(Colombie- KXLY-TV (ABC)
Britannique) KREM-TV (CBS) Selkirk TV
KSPS-TV (PBS) 1231 - 7th Avenue/
1231, 7e avenue
Invermere, British Columbia/

199807814 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 1510 Cook Sreet/
Creston, British KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 1510, rue Cook
Columbia/(Colombie- KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Creston, British Columbia/
Britannique) KPBX-FM (Colombie-Britannique)

199901145 KAYU-TV (FOX) 201-1025 - 102nd Avenue/
Dawson Creek and/et 201-1025, 102e avenue
Pouce Coupe, British Dawson Creek, British
Columbia/(Colombie- Columbia/(Colombie-
Britannique) Britannique)

199901187 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 2350 Hunter Road/
Edgewater, British KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 2350, chemin Hunter
Columbia/(Colombie- KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Kelowna, British Columbia/
Britannique) KPBX-FM (Colombie-Britannique)

199807822 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM Fairmont Esso
Fairmont Hot Springs/ KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 4966 Fairmont Frontage
Columere Park, KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Fairmont, British Columbia/
British Columbia/ KPBX-FM (Colombie-Britannique)

199901137 KAYU-TV (FOX) 204-9817 - 100th Avenue/
Fort St. John and/et 204 - 9817, 100e avenue
Taylor, British Columbia/ Fort St. John, British
(Colombie-Britannique) Columbia/(Colombie-

199901129 KAYU-TV (FOX) 2350 Hunter Road/
Kamloops, British 2350, chemin Hunter
Columbia/(Colombie- Kelowna, British Columbia/
Britannique) (Colombie-Britannique)

199901104 KAYU-TV (FOX) 2350 Hunter Road/
Kelowna, Rutland, 2350, chemin Hunter
Lakeview Heights, Kelowna, British Columbia/
Westbank, Okanagan (Colombie-Britannique)
Mission and
surrounding areas/
et les régions avoisinantes,
British Columbia/

199901111 KAYU-TV (FOX)
2 Thorpe Avenue
Merritt, British Columbia
Merritt, British Columbia

199901161 KAYU-TV (FOX)
470 - 3rd Avenue
Prince George, British Columbia
Prince George, British Columbia

199901179 KAYU-TV (FOX) 2350 Hunter Road/
Penticton, Summerland, 2350, chemin Hunter
Naramata, Kaleden, Kelowna, British Columbia/
Okanagan Mission and (Colombie-Britannique)
surrounding areas/et
les régions avoisinantes,
British Columbia/

199901096 KAYU-TV (FOX)
156 Front Street
Quesnel, British Columbia

199901088 KAYU-TV (FOX)
2924 - 28th Avenue
Vernon, British Columbia

199901070 KAYU-TV (FOX) 1290 MacKenzie Avenue
Williams Lake, South
British Columbia
MacKenzie Williams Lake, British Columbia

199901195 KMBI-FM, KXLY-FM 133 - 8th Avenue South
Yahk, British Columbia/ KISC-FM, KDRK-FM 133,
KEZE-FM, KZZU-FM Cranbrook, British Columbia

199901153 KAYU-TV (FOX) 1290 Mackenzie Avenue
100 Mile House, South
British Columbia
Williams Lake, British Columbia

VIDEON 199806494 KMBI-FM, KISC-FM Videon Cablesystems Alberta
CABLESYSTEMS Edmonton (part of KDRK-FM, KEZE-FM Inc.
ALBERTA INC.) Alberta KZZU-FM, KXLY-FM 10450 - 178 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5S 1S2

199806502 KMBI-FM, KISC-FM Town Office
Edson, Alberta KDRK-FM 605 - 50th Street
Edson, Alberta

199806519 KMBI-FM Public Library/High River
Okotoks, Alberta 909 - 1st Street West/
Edmonton, Alberta

Town Hall
14 MacRae Street
Okotoks, Alberta




- submit your original written intervention to the Secretary General of the Commission (CRTC, Ottawa, K1A 0N2). A true copy MUST be sent to the applicant and proof that this has been done must accompany the original intervention sent to the Commission.

Please note that you may also file your interventions by Electronic Mail

- the intervention may be filed with the Commission by electronic mail at the following e-mail address: and should indicate if a true copy has been sent to the applicant. Each paragraph of the document should be numbered. In addition, as an indication that the document has not been damaged during electronic transmission, the line ***End of document*** should be entered following the last paragraph of each document. However, your intervention and the proof of service to the applicant will also have to be filed in hard copy;

- please note, that only the documents (applications and interventions) electronically filed will be available on the Commission's web site. You will be able to access these documents by indicating the public notice or the notice of public hearing number;

- the intervention must be received by the CRTC and by the applicant ON OR BEFORE the deadline date indicated below. The Commission cannot be held responsible for postal delays;

- your intervention should clearly identify the application and indicate whether you support or oppose the application, or if you propose changes to it, include the facts and grounds therefor. In the event that the application is brought to the oral phase of a hearing it would be helpful to the Commission if you provide reasons why your written comments are not sufficient and an appearance is necessary;

Your intervention will be considered by the Commission, and will form part of the public record of the proceeding without further notification to you, provided the procedure set out above has been followed. You will be contacted only if your submission raises procedural questions.


23 March 1999


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