Agenda for next Steering Committee Meeting of 6 February 2009


Date of SC meeting: 6 February 2009

Type of meeting: Walk-around

Working groups have submitted the following items for consideration at the next steering committee (SC) meeting.

1. Approval of previous SC minutes

a) SC Teleconference meeting of 19 December 2008 (SCMI0809.doc - 7KB)

2. Reports

a) Network Working Group (NTWG) - Consensus Report package on NTTF019 which includes the Consensus Report (NTRE046.doc - 50KB), the Updated TIF notes (NTTF019AA.doc - 384KB) and the IP to IP Interconnection Guidelines Version 1.0, 16 December 2008 (IP Interconnection GuidelinesV1.0.doc - 183KB).

3. New TIFs

a) CSCN - TIF 80 - Exhaust of Canadian Energency Service Routing Digit Resources (CNTF080A - 74KB)

4. New Chair for ESWG

a) Approval of the ESWG's recommendation to have Chris Kellett as Chair of ESWG replacing Rick Galway

Next meeting:

Face-to-face tentatively scheduled for 12 June 2009, 9 AM Ottawa time.

Teleconferences scheduled for: 13 March 2009, and 18 September 2009, 11 AM Ottawa time.

Walkaround SC meetings will be held as needed.

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