Agenda for next Steering Committee Meeting of 5 November 2003


Date of next SC: Comments due by 5 November 2003

Type of meeting: Walkaround

Working groups have submitted the following items for consideration at the next steering committee (SC) meeting.

1. Approval of previous SC minutes

a) SCMI0305.doc - 34KB - 8 August 2003 walkaround

b) SCMI0306.doc - 83KB - 29 August 2003 SC meeting

2. Consensus report

a) BIRE025.doc - 55KB - BA&IW - Consensus to close TIFs 5,6,7,10,13 and 15 as the issues were resolved in Decision CRTC 2003-45, 30 June 2003

b) BPRE036a.doc - 117KB - BPWG - Consensus on recommendations associated with repairing loops that do not work at the time the installation or migration is completed

c) NTRE024.doc - 138KB - NTWG - Consensus to close NTTF004. Issues will be reinitiate in more focussed TIFs to address IP interconnection issues as required.

d) CNRE037A.doc - 63KB - Consensus to close CSCN TIF 51

3. New TIFs

a) BPTF0043.doc - 33KB - BPWG - Processes surrounding the unbundling of DSL service offered by ILECs to CLEC customers as per Decision CRTC 2003-49

b) BITF016.doc - 28KB - BA&IW - Development of a template that LECs may use when approaching building owners in accordance with directives in Decision CRTC 2003-45

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