Agenda for next Steering Committee Meeting of 23 May 2003


Date of next SC: 23 May 2003

Type of meeting: Teleconference

Due date for comments: 23 May 2003

Working groups have submitted the following items for consideration at the next steering committee (SC) meeting.

1. Meeting will start 11AM, Ottawa time

Dial-in number: (613) 954-9003
Code: 6587#

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Approval of previous SC minutes

a) SC minutes of 3 March 2003

5. Consensus report

a) Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering (CSCN) consensus to close TIF 29

b) CSCN consensus on Canadian International Mobile Station Identity (IMSI) Assignment Guidelines applicable to Wireless Service Providers and Wireless Competitive Local Exchange Carriers in Canada

c) CSCN consensus on Suspension and Reactivation of NPA Relief Planning Activities - Checkpoints and additional procedures to help industry monitor active NPA relief planning activities

5. d) CSCN consensus on a Revised NPA 514 Relief Implementation Plan

6. Disputes

7. New TIFs

a) CSCN TIF 51 - Opening of NPA 710 in Canada

b) CSCN TIF 52 - Revision of section 3.7 of the Canadian COCA Guidelines

8. Other issues

a) Changes to CISC administrative guidelines

b) Status report on CISC files before the Commission where a decision has not yet been issued

c) Status report from the Cable Access (High Speed) working group - Work suspended until a decision on Multiple Unit Dwellingss is issued before continuing work on active TIFs

d) Network working group (NTWG) status report

e) BPWG status report

f) Selection of a subject-oriented WG template

g) Posting of documents on the CISC web site

h) Numbering Plan Area Code Relief Planning Committes status report

i) Building Access & Inside Wire WG status report - Status unchanged, awaiting decsions in PN 2000-124 and 124-2

j) CSCN status report

9. Next meeting

a) Proposal to have the next quarterly meeting around 29 August 2003

10. Ajournment

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