Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering: Guidelines and Numbering Links


Canadian Numbering and Dialing Plan

CSCN Adjunct to the CISC Administrative Guidelines

Numbering Plan exhaust issues

800 Toll Free calling issues

Canadian Adjunct

Miscellaneous Guidelines

Other numbering guidelines on Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) website include

Other numbering links

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)
Canadian Local Number Portability Consortium (CLNPC)
Canadian Numbering Administration Consortium (CNAC)
Industry Numbering Committee (INC)
International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
National Exchange Carriers Association (NECA)
North American Numbering Council (NANC)
North American Numbering Council (NANC) Chair Website
North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA)
Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC)
Telecom Routing Administration

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