Additional Community Programming Data – Public Hearing of 25 January 2016

In responding to the Commission’s request for information relating to local and community programming of 9 April 2015, BDUs were asked to provide details about the use of facilities such as audio or video recording devices, editing facilities, studios, equipment and other such resources by access producers.

2012-2013, 2013-2014 and September 2014 to February 2015 Aggregate Data

Use of facilities by access producers
Year Average number of hours BDU facilities were used by access producers Average number of distinct access producers that used these facilities Average number of hours of access programming produced in BDU facilities that was broadcast Reporting units
2012-2013 459 23 2,447 226
2013-2014 571 24 2,518 227
2014- Feb 2015 389 20 1,565 222
News on the community channel
Proportion of BDUs that stated they broadcast newscasts, newsbreaks or headline news Average hours of news programming per broadcast week Average proportion of news that is devoted to coverage of local news and events Proportion BDUs broadcasting news that reported licensee- produced news programs Proportion of BDUs broadcasting news that reported access-produced news programs
24% 15 93% 57% 50%

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