The Martels: Having issues with your wireless network in a remote area?

  • Sebastien
    • Mom can I borrow the toaster... oh and the potato masher too?
    • Coming up to the cottage is great.
    • What’s NOT so great is the wireless network.
    • So this weekend I’m going to fix it once and for all with a little brain power and a lot of duct tape!
  • Charlotte
    • Movie’s all ready to stream. You do know that the internet signal at the lake has been pretty awesome lately, right?”
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Is your wireless network letting you down? Broadband Internet access services are considered a basic telecommunications service. Regardless of where you live, all Canadians should have access to voice and broadband Internet services, on both fixed and mobile wireless networks.

Find out more about the Universal Service Objective and how the CRTC is working to improve wireless services across Canada.

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