TV and Radio for Canadians

Canada needs a strong and diverse broadcasting system. We work to ensure that Canadians have access to high-quality Canadian programming in two ways:

  • Each part of the broadcasting system must contribute to creating and presenting Canadian programming;
  • Broadcasting distributors must make carrying Canadian TV programming services a priority.

CRTC rules ensure that most of the programming services offered by cable and satellite companies are Canadian.

Key television policies


Your Consumer Rights (the Television Service Provider Code

The majority of Canadians who subscribe to TV services are protected by the TVSP Code. The Code explains your rights and the rules your provider must follow.

Canadian Content

What makes it Canadian? Understanding industry responsibilities, defining a Canadian song with MAPL and more.

Make a Complaint

How to make a complaint about your tv or radio service online, by email and by phone.


Advertising basic, elections and political advertising, preventing loud commercials, seeing ads during the Super Bowl or on American channels.

TV and Radio Services

Learn about the types of broadcasters that offer a different TV services, on switching from analog to digital TV and how to change your service provider.

Programming for TV and Radio

Canadian content, Canadian program certification, and monitoring compliance.

Let’s TalkTV Decisions and #TalkTV

Create: the way forward. Connect: maximizing choice and affordability. Protect: navigating the road ahead.

Find a TV Provider

Find service providers near you, change your provider, and compare services.

Accessible TV

TV access for people with visual or hearing impairments and list of TV channels with described video.

Public Proceedings and Hearings

We regularly hold public hearings, round-table discussions, informal forums, and online discussion forums designed to gather Canadians' views about telecommunications and broadcasting services—information that we can then act on to serve the public interest. See what we’re doing today!

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