The Martels: Did a TV commercial just cut off your favourite show?

  • Charlotte
    • You know those moments when you can’t find the right words?
    • It’d sure be nice if life had instant replay.
    • [Instant replay]
    • Okay, so it’s the fourth quarter.
    • My team’s down by two points and there are 20 seconds left on the clock.
    • The football is set.
    • This could win it!
    • Then out of nowhere, the game cuts... to a COMMERCIAL!!!???
    • NOOOOOOO!!!!! (in warbled slow motion)
    • See, this was totally not my fault.
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You’re in the middle of watching the big game, or maybe your favourite awards show ceremony when suddenly something goes terribly wrong. The live show cuts to a commercial and you miss the big moment. Touchdown? Who knows? And the winner is? Who knows? Not you. Simultaneous substitution mistakes can be irritating, but simsub itself is necessary to provide broadcasters with the financial support they need to offer high quality programming to Canadians.

That said, there are regulations in place to ensure that simsub implementation is done flawlessly. So if you spot a simsub error, contact your service provider to voice your concerns.


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