The Martels: Did you know that all smart devices in your home use internet data?

  • Mou
    • Life is heavenly when you’re the top dog... or in my case, the top CAT of the family.
    • But the day they bring home that new PET... is the worst day of my nine lives.
    • And what a show off! It answers questions and turns on the TV. That THING can even predict the weather. AND it can sing. The whole family loves it.
    • How can a poor cat compete?
    • But then they find out their new SMART device has been using their internet data! AHAH!
    • I don’t use data... and no one gives cuddles like me.
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The digital world can seem complicated at times. New regulations, multiple devices and services, data limits, overage charges, and new products entering the marketplace. Wow! Every day it feels like there’s something new or something more you need to know about. So it’s no wonder that occasionally you miss something.

Like that new smart speaker you just got. Did you know that smart devices use your Internet data?

Learn more about how the devices in your home may be impacting your services.

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