Telecom Commission Letter addressed to Dean Shaikh (Shaw Communications)

Ottawa, 29 May 2020

Our reference: 8661-S83-202003193


Mr. Dean Shaikh
Vice President Regulatory Affairs
Shaw Communications
40 Elgin Street, Suite 1400
Ottawa, ON K1P 5K6

Re:  Shaw’s Gigabit Residential Internet Service

Dear Sir:

The Commission is in receipt of the Part 1 application (Part 1) submitted on 29 May 2020 by Shaw Cablesystems G.P. and Shaw Telecom G.P. (collectively, Shaw) in which the company requested immediate interim relief from the speed-matching requirement as it applies to Shaw’s new residential Internet service, offering download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (1 Gig Service).

The Commission is also in receipt of tariff notice number 32 (TN 32) from Shaw to introduce new Internet wholesale high speed servicesFootnote1. TN 32 did not include the new 1 Gig Service referenced in Shaw’s Part 1.

While the Part 1 is still an open proceeding before the Commission, the speed-matching requirement continues to apply with regards to the obligation to make the new speed (i.e. 1 Gig service) available concurrently on a wholesale basis pursuant to the speed-matching requirement set out in Telecom Decision 2006-77 and Telecom Regulatory Policy 2010-632.

Accordingly, Commission staff requests that Shaw file, for the Commission’s approval, a tariff notice and the proposed rate for the new 1 Gig service in accordance with existing rules and procedures, by 12 June 2020.


Original signed by

Lyne Renaud
Director, Competitor Services and Costing Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

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Abderrahman El Fatihi, CRTC,