Voter Contact Registry

The Voter Contact Registry was created to help protect Canadians from rogue and misleading telephone calls during federal elections, and to ensure that those who contact voters during an election do so transparently.

Certain entities who call Canadians during an election period for any purpose related to an election must register with us within 48 hours of making the first call.

We are responsible for establishing and maintaining the Registry.

Quick Explanation of the Voter Contact Registry for Canadians. View the full infographic.



Who needs to register, what you need to know before you register and before you enter into an agreement with a calling service provider, and registration.

Registration is open. You may now register.

Registration Notices

Information provided in registration notices filed with us will be published as soon as possible following 30-days after the end of an election.

Registration Notices are now available.

Phone Calls from Political Parties

Regardless of whether you are registered with the National Do Not Call List (DNCL), you may still receive calls from political parties and candidates.

Make a Complaint

If you suspect you have been called by someone who has not properly registered with the Voter Contact Registry, you can make a complaint.

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