2007-08-31 - #: 8622-S9-200712564 - Shaw Communications Inc. - Shaw Cablesystems Limited et Concord Pacific Spectrum Tower projects - demande un réglement différends assisté par le personnel

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Dossier fermé - Lettre du Conseil - 2007-11-20

2007-11-20 - Lettre du Conseil
Dossier #: 8622-S9-200713570 - 8622-S9-200712564
Description: Lettre adressée à Shaw Communications Inc. et Concord Pacific Group - Objet: Demandes présentées par Shaw Communications afin d'obtenir l'accès aux tours du développement Spectrum de Concord Pacific Group

2007-08-31 - Shaw Communications Inc.
Description:  Shaw Cablesystems Limited (Shaw) hereby requests the assistance of Commission staff in expeditiously resolving an access dispute between Shaw and Concord Pacific Group Inc. ( Concord ) with respect to Concord 's Spectrum Tower projects in Vancouver .   Occupancy of these towers is imminent and time is of the essence.   Shaw therefore requests that Commission staff meet with the parties as soon as possible to assist in resolving the matter.   In the event that Shaw has not obtained access to the buildings by September 14, Shaw further requests that the matter proceed to an expedited oral hearing and Commission determination.
Document:  802556.doc - 70KO

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