2005-11-15 - #: 8622-M59-200513136 - MTS Allstream Inc. - Demande visant à obtenir une ordonnance rendant provisoire le tarif du service perfectionné de circonscription (SPC) de Bell Canada

2005-12-16 - Décision de télécom CRTC 2005-71 Le Conseil rejette une demande présentée en vertu de la partie VII par MTS Allstream Inc. afin que le Conseil rende provisoire l'article 350, Service perfectionné de circonscription, du Tarif des services de circonscription de Bell Canada. Référence : 8622-M59-200513136.

2005-11-25 - MTS Allstream Inc.
Description: MTS Allstream Inc. is in receipt of comments from Bell Canada and the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), each dated 23 November 2005, regarding MTS Allstream’s Part VII Application
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2005-11-23 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada (or the Company) is in receipt of an application from MTS Allstream Inc. (Allstream or the Applicant), dated 15 November 2005 (the Application) in which the Applicant seeks an order from the Commission "on an urgent and expedited" basis making Exchange Services Tariff Item 350 Enhanced Exchange-Wide Dial (EEWD) service interim.
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2005-11-23 - Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
Description: I am counsel to the Department of Public Works and Government Services (PWGSC), together with Derek Rasmussen of the Civil Litigation Section of the Department of Justice. Further to the letter received by Mr. Jérôme Thauvette of PWGSC on November 17, 2005 from Suzanne Bédard, Senior Manager, Tariffs, I am attaching submissions on behalf of PWGSC in respect of the MTS Allstream Part VII Application, together with Annexes B-E, which are referenced in the submissions
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2005-11-17 - Lettre du Conseil - Version anglaise seulement - "Version imprimée"
Description: Lettre adressée à MTS Allstream Inc. et Bell Canada - Objet: Bell Canada Tarif 350 - Service Perfectionné de Circonscription (SPC) :  Demande présentée par MTS Allstream

2005-11-15 - MTS Allstream Inc.
Description: This is a request, submitted by MTS Allstream Inc. pursuant to sections 24, 25, 27, 32 (d) (e) and (g), 57, and 61 (2) of the Telecommunications Act (The Act) and Part VII of the rules of procedure, seeking a Commission order, on an urgent and expedited basis, making the tariff for Bell Canada's (Bell) Enhanced ExchangeWide Dial
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