Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel): 8695-S22-200317877

2003 Total Subsidy Requirements (TSR) Calculation

2004-04-19 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2004-26 The Commission approves $547,570 of additional subsidy for Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) for 2003 and directs the Central Fund Administrator to remit $547,570 of additional subsidy to SaskTel for the year 2003. Reference: 8695-S22-200317877. (pdf)

2004/03/02 - Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel)
Description: In a telephone conversation with Commission staff on 20 February 2004, SaskTel was requested to provide supporting information for its revised monthly revenue per NAS that was used in calculating the revised TSR filed on 28 November 2003.
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2004/02/06 - Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel)
Description: In a letter dated 28 November 2003, SaskTel filed revisions to its 2003 TSR calculation after discovering a restatement of the average monthly revenue per line by band was necessary.
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2003/11/28 - Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel)
Description: SaskTel is filing the attached revision to the 2003 TSR calculations which were initially filed on 28 March 2003.
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