Millennium Global Telecom Inc.: 8695-M34-200309502

Canadian Non-telecommunications Revenues

2004/03/02 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2004-15 - The Commission denies Millennium Global Telecom Inc.'s (Millennium) request that the portion of its calling card revenues related to the unused portion of calling cards sold in Canada and the small unusable portion of calling cards sold in Canada be considered Canadian non telecommunications revenues for purposes of the contribution regime. The Commission also denies Millennium's request to increase its inter carrier payments for contribution purposes above the level reported in its financial statements. Reference: 8695 M34 200309502.

2003/08/01 - Blake, Cassels & Graydon on behalf of Millennium Global Telecom Inc.
Description: We are counsel to Millennium Global Telecom Inc. ("Millennium") and are bringing this application on its behalf. Millennium hereby seeks a Commission determination in respect of a ruling by Commission staff set out in its letter dated June 17, 2003.
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