TELUS Communications Inc.: 8662-T42-04/01

Application to review and vary Decision 2001-582 and request for Interim Stay

Reference: 8678-12-11/01

2001/10/04 - Decision 2001-635 - TELUS' application to review and vary Decision CRTC 2001-582. References: 8678-C12-11/01 and 8662-T42-04/01.

2001/09/28 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: In accordance with the procedures outlined by the Commission in its letter dated September 26, 2001, TELUS Communications Inc. ("TELUS") hereby files its Reply Comments related to the above referenced application (the "Application").
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2001/09/27 - GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
Description: GT Group Telecom Services Corp. files the attached comments on an application by filed TELUS to review and vary Decision CRTC 2001-582, and a request for an interim stay of the associated directive contained in Decision 2001-582.
010927.doc - 52KB

2001/09/27 - AT&T Canada Corp.
Description: AT&T Canada Corp. is in receipt of an application by TELUS Communications Inc. (TELUS) to review and vary a portion of Decision 2001-582 (the Decision), and requesting an interim stay of that same portion of the Decision. These comments are filed by AT&T Canada Corp. and AT&T Canada Telecom Services Company (collectively, AT&T Canada) pursuant to the procedural direction set out in the Commission's letter dated 26 September 2001.
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2001/09/21 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: The application seeks a review and variance of a portion of Decision CRTC 2001-582 and a request for an interim stay of said portion of that Decision pending expedited Commission consideration.
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