Gord Potter (GP Consulting) - Maintenance of connecting Links: 8622-P34-01/01

2001/11/21 - Order CRTC 2001-838 CRTC makes recommendations regarding the repair and maintenance of connecting links. Reference: 8622-P34-01/01.

2002/01/18 - SaskTel Regulatory Affairs
Description: Pursuant to Order CRTC 2001-838, attached is a revision to SaskTel's Competitor Access Tariff, CRTC 21414 reflecting revisions to Item 610.18, Local Network interconnection and Component Unbundling.
Document: 020118.zip - 44KB

2001/08/08 - Gord Potter (GP Consulting)- "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Application for Maintenance of connecting links/Colt change process

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