Northwestel Inc.: 8660-N1-201204388

Application to Modify the Tracking Process for the Remote Indicator and to Recognize Force Majeure Conditions - 2012-04-03

2012-09-20 - Telecom decision CRTC 2012-504 Northwestel Inc. – Application to modify certain reporting requirements for retail quality of service
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2012-04-03 - Northwestel Inc.
Description: The attached Application is made by Northwestel Inc. (the Company), pursuant to Part 1 of the CRTC Rules of Practice and Procedure, to modify the tracking process for Indicator 2.1C, Out-of-Service Trouble Reports Cleared in 5 Business days (Remote), in the retail Quality of Service (QofS) plan, and to adopt a streamlined force majeure provision, where appropriate, in the calculation of specific results in Northwestel’s remote territory.
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