Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2012-151: 8638-C12-201305673

Northwestel Inc. – Interconnection and Service Agreements

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2013-05-09 - Iristel Inc.
Description: In its decision the FCA referred back to the Commission whether Section 25 of the Telecommunications Act should apply to 800 Service Origination Agreement between Northwestel and Primus. In other words, should transport and access tandem charges included in that agreement be tariffed. Iristel submits that the charges should be tariffed.
Document: 1904373.pdf - 168KB

2013-05-06 - TELUS Communications Company (“TELUS”)
Description: TELUS Communications Company (“TELUS”) is in receipt of two documents concerning the above-captioned matter: a letter dated 16 April 2013 from Northwestel and Primus, as well as Northwestel’s response, dated 18 April 2013, to four CRTC interrogatories. TELUS responds hereto to the materials filed by Northwestel and Primus.
Document: 1902434.pdf - 451KB

2013-04-18 - Northwestel
Description: On 11 April 2013 Northwestel received Interrogatories from the Commission on the above noted Agreement. Attached is Northwestel’s response.
Documents: 1893818.pdf - 87KB

2013-04-11 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Northwestel Inc. - RE: 800 Service Origination Agreement between Northwestel and Primus

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