Terms and Conditions

Accept the Terms and Conditions to Start your Registration

Please read this note about your privacy and the information that you will be asked to provide. It contains information that is not included the CRTC’s Terms and Conditions.

The CRTC collects, uses, and shares the information you provide, including your personal information, pursuant to Division 1.1 of Part 16.1. Voter Contact Calling Services of the Canada Elections Act and regulations made thereunder.

The IP address of the device you use to register on the Voter Contact Registry will be recorded and linked to the information you provide.

Certain information you provide will be published on the CRTC web site no earlier than 30 days after the polling day set for a federal general election, a federal by-election or a federal referendum. The information that will be published is clearly marked on the Registration Notice Form.

The information you provide may be used by the CRTC to investigate alleged non-compliance of the Canada Elections Act, the Telecommunications Act, and other related laws. The information may also be used for statistical, evaluation, and reporting purposes and is included in Personal Information Bank Unsolicited Telecommunications PPU 075.

Some, or all, of the information collected by the CRTC from you may be shared with the Commissioner of Canada Elections for the purpose of ensuring compliance with, and enforcement of, the Canada Elections Act. The Commissioner of Canada Elections may share this information with other law enforcement agencies or with Elections Canada to further an investigation or enquiry (Important Notices)

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