Anticipated releases for the week of 13 to 17 July 2020

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The CRTC plans to issue the following decisions and/or regulatory policies in the coming week. This list may be incomplete and is subject to change without notice.

Broadcasting Decisions:

Applications by various licensees to renew the broadcasting licences for various television services

Decision relating to the following application considered under the Commission’s Part 1 process:

St. Andrews Community Channel Inc.
Complaint by St. Andrews Community Channel Inc. alleging undue preference against Rogers Communications Canada Inc. regarding the distribution of CHCO-TV
Public record for this application: 2019-1114-9

Telecom Decision:

Bell Canada – Application to review and vary and stay Telecom Decision 2019-390 regarding the routing of toll-free traffic destined for the company’s toll-free telephone number customers
Public record: 8662-B2-201912618

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