Telecom - Commission Letter addressed to W.N.(Bill) Beckham (SaskTel)

Ottawa, 14 January 2022

Our reference: 8740-S22-202107515


W.N.(Bill) Beckham
Senior Director – Regulatory Affairs
Saskatchewan Telecommunications
2121 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3Y2

Subject: Associated with SaskTel Tariff Notice 373A –Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) Service- Requests for information

Dear W.N. (Bill) Beckham,

On 1 November 2021, the Commission received an application from Saskatchewan Telecommunication (SaskTel) pursuant to Telecom Decision CRTC 2021-199Footnote1 requesting approval for proposed changes to General Tariff – Basic services CRTC 21411 to introduce item 140.07 – Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) Service. In Decision 2021-199, the Commission directed all NG9-1-1 network providers to file proposed wholesale and retail tariffs no later than 1 November 2021. These tariffs are to include proposed rates supported by cost studies that reflect the incremental costs of adding new NG9-1-1 networks, services, and functionalities Commission staff requests that SaskTel respond to the attached request for information by 31 January 2022.

Please note where a document is to be filed or served by a specific date, the document must be actually received, not merely sent, by that date.

The Commission requires the response or other documents to be submitted electronically by using the secured service “My CRTC Account” (Partner Log In or GCKey) and filling the “Broadcasting and Telecom Cover page” or the “Broadcasting Cover Page” located on the Commission’s website. There, you will also find information on the submission of applications to the Commission “Filing Broadcasting and Canadian Program Certification documents with the CRTC: Privacy and Security.”

A copy of this letter and all related correspondence will be added to the public record of the proceeding.
As set out in section 39 of the Telecommunications ActFootnote2 and in Broadcasting and Telecom Information Bulletin CRTC 2010-961Footnote3, Procedures for filing confidential information and requesting its disclosure in Commission proceedings, persons may designate certain information as confidential. A person designating information as confidential must provide a detailed explanation on why the designated information is confidential and why its disclosure would not be in the public interest, including why the specific direct harm that would be likely to result from the disclosure would outweigh the public interest in disclosure. Furthermore, a person designating information as confidential must either file an abridged version of the document omitting only the information designated as confidential or provide reasons why an abridged version cannot be filed.


Original signed by

Chris Noonan
Director, Competitor Services & Costing Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.: B. Natraj (Nat Natraj), CRTC, 819-953-5081,
Stais Armstrong, CRTC, 819-997-9253,

Attach. (1)

NG9-1-1 Request for information (RFI)

  1. Refer to the submission “SaskTel_Cost_Study_TN373_ App1 NG9-1-1 ABR”
    1. Refer to Table 3, row item “SaskTel”.  Provide the list of retail services included in this demand category.
  2. Refer to “SaskTel_Cost_Study_TN373_App2_NG9-1-1_ABR”:
    1. Refer to Tab “Table 6a – Expenses”:
      1. Explain how the major expense item activities in the key reporting cost category “Expenses Causal to Service Other” help support the operation of the NG9-1-1 service without disruption, as indicated in paragraph 31 of the study reportFootnote4
      2. Compare the expenses in the above indicated Tab with the “Expenses causal to service” row item “Other” in Table 7 of “SaskTel_Cost_Study_TN373_ App1 NG9-1-1 ABR” and explain the differences or provide revisions if applicable.
      3. Refer to section C “Expenses estimated explicitly –Startup”.  If expenses explicitly estimated are based on actual spending tracked to the project included loadings, provide the loading factor(s) used and briefly explain how they were estimated and why it is necessary.
    2. Refer to Tab “Table 6b – Capital”, section “Costs Causal to Service - Hardware”, and row items “Digital Switching Local”, “Packet Switched Core Network” and “Multimedia Communications”:
      1. Provide examples of the types of hardware components deployed in each of the aforementioned row items. 
      2. Explain why Digital Switching Local, and Packet Switched Core Network hardware are required for NG9-1-1.
      3. Explain how the above mentioned capital hardware components help deliver the NG9-1-1 service.
    3. Refer to the Tab “Table 6b - Capital”, section “Costs Causal to Service – Software”, and row items “Application Software Packet Switched Core Network” and “Application Software -Multimedia Communication equipment”:
      1. Provide examples of the types of software components deployed in each of the aforementioned row items.
      2. Explain, with supporting rationale, why “Application Software Packet Switched Core Network” is required for NG9-1-1 service.
      3. Explain how the above mentioned software components help deliver the NG9-1-1 service.
    4. Refer to Tab “Table 8c - Third-Party Costs”, section “Third-Party Costs estimated explicitly (fixed price contract)”, row items “Subscription Services - Ongoing”, “Support Services - Ongoing”, “Security Certificates - Ongoing” and “Wavelength Services – Ongoing”:          
      1. For each of the above row items, provide a brief description of the activities and explain how they are used in providing the NG9-1-1 service.
      2. Provide the methodology, assumptions, and detailed calculations used to estimate the annual cash flows in the study period for each the aforementioned activities, providing the applicable unit costs and associated cost drivers. Further, explain how the drivers were estimated in each year of the study period.
  3. Refer to “SaskTel TN373_ NG9-1-1 App3” and indicate the worksheet name, tab name, applicable row and column reference where the NG9-1-1 rate calculation includes the SaskTel ESInet components indicated in Appendix 3.
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