Broadcasting Procedural Letter Addressed to Gary Jessop (JESSOP and PROULX LLP)

Ottawa, 12 January 2018

Our reference:  Applications: 2017-1084-8, 2017-1082-2, 2017-1075-7, 2017-1072-3


Gary Jessop
5480 Canotek Road, Unit 21
Ottawa, Ontario
K1J 9H7

RE:  Procedural request relating to Call for comments on the Governor in Council’s request for a report on future programming distribution models – Broadcasting Notice of consultation CRTC 2017-359

Dear Mr. Jessop,

This is in reference to your letter dated December 28, 2017 in which 1395047 Ontario Inc., the operator of the licensed Portuguese-language discretionary television service known as Festival Portuguese Television Service (“FPTV”), requested an extension of time to file interventions for the above-noted Part 1 Applications.

In the letter, FPTV submitted that it was not aware of the applications until sometime after publication online by the Commission. As a result, FPTV requested that the Commission extend the time period to file interventions until January 30, 2018 in order to give FPTV and any other parties adequate time in order to fully consider the applications.

In order to ensure a complete record for the proceeding, Commission staff considers that it is appropriate in the circumstances of this case to extend the intervention period until January 30, 2018.

ECGL will have until February 9, 2018 to file any reply to the interventions.


[original signed by]

Donna Gill
Senior Manager
Distribution Policy and Applications

Cc;     Slava Levin, CEO, Ethnic Channels Group Limited

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