Exhibit 3

Undertaking for Broadcasting Distribution Undertakings

Earlier today during questioning, MTS Allstream undertook to provide further information about rate increases and information provided to subscribers regarding these rate increases.

The Commission is of the view that all of the Broadcasting Distribution Undertakings (BDUs) that are parties to the present proceeding (appearing and non-appearing) and which do not put a separate charge on their bills to subscribers to recover the Local Programming Improvement Fund charges should provide the same information as that requested from MTS Allstream. Accordingly, each of these BDUs is requested to provide, by the Undertaking Deadline, the following information:

(a) A list of each of the rate increases since 2009 that the BDU has implemented;
(b) The associated information that was provided to subscribers in relation to the price increases; and
(c) The information that was provided to Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to respond to customer calls and enquiries related to these price increases.

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