CRTC Exhibit 3 – Review of mobile wireless services, Telecom Notice of consultation CRTC 2019-57

Summary of the plans proposed by consumers groups

Party Device included Monthly price Term Voice Texting Speed Monthly data allowance Overage penalties
Ageing, Communication, Technologies (ACT) Unknown Unknown Unknown Voice calls SMS Unknown With data, but amount unspecified Unknown
Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) and Open Media Unknown $20 to $30 Unknown Unlimited Unlimited SMS/ MMS 4G/LTE 4 GB No overage charges, but reduced speeds is ok
Coalition for Cheaper Wireless Service (CCWS) No, BYODFootnote 1 $25 to $30 1 to 2 years Unlimited Unlimited 4G/LTE 4 GB No overage charges
Manitoba Coalition Yes $25 to $35 2 years Unlimited Unlimited Unknown 2 GB Unknown
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