Agenda, Hearing 21 October 2013, Gatineau, Quebec


Gatineau, Quebec

Agenda (Revised on 18 October 2013)

Issues related to the feasibility of establishing a video relay service (VRS)

21 October 2013 at 9:00 a.m.

Conference Center
Portage IV
140, Promenade du Portage
Gatineau, Quebec
Hearing Room: Outaouais
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Reference Documents: Telecom Notices of Consultation CRTC 2013-155 and 2013-155-1.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

1. The Canadian Hearing Society (int. #1,521)

2. Toronto Association of the Deaf (int. #2,813)

3. Ontario Video Relay Services Committee (int. #2,857)

4. Ontario Association of the Deaf (int. #2,522)

5. Alberta Association of the Deaf (int. #100)

6. Centre québécois pour la déficience auditive (int. #2,405)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

7. TELUS Communications Company (int. #3,250)

8. Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival (int. #3,074)

9. Martin Boucher (int. #2,657)

10. La Maison des Femmes Sourdes de Montréal et le Comité d'aide aux femmes Sourdes de Québec (int. #1,953)

11. Rogers Communications, Cogeco Cable Inc., Quebecor Media Inc., on behalf of its affiliate Videotron G.P., and Bragg Communications Inc., carrying on business as Eastlink and Shaw Communications Inc. (int. #3,242 and 3,247)

12. Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (int. #1,319)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

13. Noni Warner (int. #129)

14. Kathern Lawrence (int. #868)

15. MTS Allstream (int. #3,246)

16. Tatiana Kamaeva (int. #42)

17. Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership, on behalf of itself and DMTS, KMTS, NorthernTel, Limited Partnership and Télébec, Limited Partnership, Bell Canada, Bell Mobility and Northwestel Inc. (int. #3,248)

18. Saskatchewan Telecommunications (int. #3,249)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

19. Sorenson Canada (int. #3,239)

20. nWise (int. #2,299)

21. UQAM and SIVET (int. #2,865)

22. British Columbia Video Relay Services Committee (int. #2,025)

23. Mission Consulting (int. #3,380)

Friday, 25 October 2013

24. IVèS (int. #1,843)

25. Canadian Association of the Deaf (int. #2,543)

26. Sonny Access Consulting (int. #2,713)

27. Wayne Sinclair (int. #1,340)

28. Joe McLaughlin, Ed.D. (int. #1,361)

29. Ava Hawkins (int. #2,498)

30. Chris Kenopic (int. #1,315)

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