CRTC Exhibit 3 - Laval, Québec - Renewal of Television Licences Held by Large English- and French-Language Ownership Groups

The Commission requires that Corus Entertainment Inc. (Corus) respond to the following undertakings by 2 December 2016.

Question 1: Confidentiality of aggregate reports

With respect to the submission of aggregate returns by the requested Corus French-language designated group, comment on the possibility of confidentiality not being granted for the Corus French‑language designated group potentially consisting of two services.

Note: It should be noted that the practice of the Commission is generally to grant confidentiality where three or fewer broadcasting undertakings are included in the aggregate return. In the event that the Corus French-language services are authorized to form a designated group consisting of two services, Corus could potentially request confidentiality for the aggregate returns relating to the designated group, which could undermine the public's opportunity to comment on the operations of the group at the time of future licence renewals.

Question 2: Historia & Series+

Corus, in reporting the CPE and requirements in the annual returns, reported the following figures:

CPE requirement for Historia and Series+

2013-2014 Revenue CPE % 2014-2015 Req. 2014-2015 CPE Actual ($) 2015 CPE (% of revenue) 2013-2014 Carry-forward Shortfall
Historia 22,347,269 30% 6,704,181 3,091,745 14% -1,563,237 5,175,673
Series+ 33,405,880 17% 5,679,000 3,818,578 11% -1,145,589 3,006,011

Source: Annual returns

  1. Confirm the accuracy of the figures in the table above. If they are inaccurate, please provide revised figures and a detailed explanation of the issue. 
  2. In Appendices 1 and 2 submitted as part of this proceeding on (DATE), and re-submitted 25 October 2016, Corus provided a total CPE of $1,518,850 for broadcast year 2013-2014 for Historia, and $1,658,617 for Séries+. These figures do not correspond to the figures reported on 25 May 2015 in the 2013-2014 annual returns. Please explain this discrepancy. Note that the figures used in the table above correspond to Corus' annual returns.
  3. Provide the CPE for each of the Historia and Series+ services for the 2015-2016 broadcast year.
  4. Provide Corus’ plans to meet the CPE requirements of the Historia and Series+ services in the current licence term. If the services are unable to meet their CPE requirements please comment on what measures would be appropriate for the Commission to take if it finds Corus in non-compliance with the CPE requirements following the end of the licence term.
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