Average local news per station per week (Hr:Min:Sec)

The following table contains a summary of the local news information submitted to the Commission by licensed television stations in response to a request by the Commission in its letter dated 17 February 2012. The numbers below represent an average per station of the local news programming offered by the stations that are part of the groups noted below as part of the various newscasts broadcast by those stations in a single week.  The week in question is Sunday, 12 February 2012 to Saturday, 18 February 2012.

All of the responses from licensees used to compile the table below can be found on the Commission’s website at:


Average local news per station per week (Hr:Min:Sec)
non-LPIF LPIF Proposed min. threshold for LPIF stations


2:08:53 3:16:08  

VI French (QMI)

3:10:44 2:17:59  

Independent French (RNC, TIR, V)

n/a 1:33:36  


5:42:37 4:59:38  


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