Agenda, Hearing 7 March 2011, Gatineau, Quebec


Gatineau, Quebec

7 March 2011 at 9:00 a.m.

Conference Center
Portage IV
140 Promenade du Portage
Gatineau, Quebec

Hearing Room: Outaouais
Temporary Examination Room: Papineau – 819-953-3168

Interventions received concerning the applications scheduled for this hearing are available on the public examination files.

Reference Document: Broadcasting Notices of Consultation CRTC 2011-6

Public Files

During the hearing, public files related to items scheduled at the hearing may be examined in the temporary examination room set up nearby the hearing room.

Transcripts of hearing

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Examination of transcripts

Transcripts of this hearing are available through our Internet site ( and by contacting the public examination room of any CRTC office.

Listening to CDs

CDs of this hearing may be listened to, at the Commission Headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec during business hours, or at any CRTC office, by appointment.

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Appearing Items

1. Applications by Canadian Satellite Radio Inc. and Sirius Canada Inc.
Across Canada (Application Nos 2010-1723-6 and 2010-1769-0)

Applications by Canadian Satellite Radio Inc. (CSR) and Sirius Canada Inc. (Sirius) (collectively the applicants) for authority to change the effective control of CSR and Sirius as part of a merger transaction.

Phase I – Presentation by the applicants

Panel for Canadian Satellite Radio Inc. and Sirius Canada Inc.:

Mark Redmond
John Bitove
Michael Washinushi
Michel Tremblay
Gary Slaight
Andréanne Sasseville
Grant Buchanan
David Frear
Michael Moskowitz

Phase II – Presentations by the interveners

Interveners – Appearing Individually

1. Joe Chisholm, IndieCan Radio on XM (int. #8)
2. Franz Schuller, Indica Records (int. #34)

Panel of Interveners

3. Ben Miner (int. #27)
4. Amanda Zelina, The Coppertone (int. #62)
5. Jonathan Chandler, Amos The Transparent (int. #61)

Phase III – Reply by the applicants

Canadian Satellite Radio Inc. and Sirius Canada Inc.

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