Agenda, Hearing 8 December 2010, Toronto, Ontario


Resumption of item 1 – CKLN Radio Incorporated
Toronto, Ontario

8 December 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Doubletree International Plaza Hotel Toronto Airport
655 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario

Hearing Room: Plaza A
Temporary Examination Room: Ottawa Room - 416-243-5222

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Reference Documents: Broadcasting Notices of Consultation CRTC 2010-146, 2010-146-1, 2010‑146-2, 2010-146-3 and 2010-146-4.

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Appearing Item

1. CKLN Radio Incorporated
Toronto, Ontario
Reference No. 2010-0098-4

Phase I – Presentation by the licensee

This item pertains to CKLN Radio Incorporated, licensee of the community-based campus radio programming undertaking CKLN-FM Toronto. The Commission has received complaints concerning the governance structure, day to day management and operations, programming and ability to remain on-air of the station, which the Commission will discuss with representatives of the licensee.

In addition, the Commission is also concerned that the station may be operating in non-compliance with the Radio Regulations, 1986 (the Regulations), with respect to the filing of complete annual returns and the provision of logger tapes and program logs requests for information, ownership and control, and that the manner in which CKLN-FM is currently being operated is inconsistent with the Commission’s policies for campus-based community radio stations.

The Commission expects CKLN Radio Incorporated to show cause why the Commission should not take steps to suspend or revoke the broadcasting licence in question or why the Commission should not issue mandatory orders requiring the licensee to comply with the Regulations and its conditions of licence.

For the licensee
Ronald Nelson
Andrew Lehrer
Michael Harnett
Bryce Seefieldt
Toby Whitfield

Phase II – Presentations by interveners

Panel of Interveners

1. Lauren Speers (int. #42)

2. Allan Jones (int. #48)

3. Owen Leach (int. #59)

Intervener appearing individually

4. NCRA/ANREC (int. # 85)

Panel of Interveners

5. Mercedez Otway (int. #19)

6. Josie Miner (int. #52)

7. Paulette Andria Hamilton (int.#115)

8. Doug Barrett (int. #63)

Panel of Interveners

9. Greg Duffell (int. #62)

10. Daniel Besharat (int. #58)

Panel of Interveners

11. Tom Power (int. #36)

12. Ken Taylor (int. #120)

Interveners appearing individually

13. David James Cooper (int. #130)

14. Sid Whittaker (int. #124)

Panel of Interveners

15. Frequency Feminisms CKLN (int. #51)

16. U-SHEAK KOROMA (int. #112)

17. Paul Corby (int. #110)

Phase III – Reply by the licensee

CKLN Radio Incorporated

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