TV and Radio Services for Canadians

Learn about the types of broadcasters that offer different TV and radio services, on switching from analog to digital TV, and how to change your TV service provider.


Your Consumer Rights for TV Services (The TV Service Provider Code)

The majority of Canadians who subscribe to TV services are protected by the TVSP Code. The Code explains your rights and the rules your provider must follow.

Services that do and do not need a licence

Authorized and exempt radio, TV and cable (distribution) services.

Local, Community and Over-the-Air TV

More about local and community TV and OTA broadcasting.

Changing your Service Provider

Learn about changing your phone, wireless, Internet, and TV service providers.

Options to Watch TV (online too!)

Explore the different options available in Canada to view content.

Types of TV Broadcasters

Learn about 9(1)(h), aboriginal programming, basic, community, discretionary, ethnic and third-language, on-demand and religious television services.

Co-Development of the Indigenous Broadcasting Policy

Learn about Indigenous radio and television broadcasting services and licences.

Switching from Analog to Digital TV

What the switch from analog to digital means for you and why it happened.

CRTC Activities and Initiatives

Commercial radio policy review

CBC licence renewal

We’re seeking comments from Canadians on their radio listening habits, behaviours and views. This information will help the CRTC determine how best to update its regulations to ensure Canada’s commercial radio industry remains competitive in a digital environment, while continuing to meet the needs and interests of Canadians in both official languages. Canadians are encouraged to share their opinions by completing an online survey by November 26, 2020, or by submitting their comments by February 1, 2021.

CBC licence renewal

CBC licence renewal

Between November 25, 2019 and February 20, 2020, we consulted Canadians on CBC/Radio-Canada’s programming. We wanted to know if Canada’s national public broadcaster reflects the views of Canadians and is meeting their needs and interests in both official languages. Canadians were invited to share their views on the following themes: reflection, production, accessibility and discoverability as well as contributions to democratic life in Canada.

National Public Alerting System

Emergency Alerts

To ensure Canadians’ safety, emergency alert messages are issued on television, radio and on mobile devices to warn people about imminent dangers to life and property. Read more about the types of alerts and scheduled test messages at Alert Ready, and about the National Public Alerting System.

What we are doing

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