2010–2014 Highlights: Broadcast Distribution – Cable, Multipoint Distribution Systems and Direct-to-Home

Every year, the CRTC compiles financial information on the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors in order to produce a series of reports. The CRTC’s report on broadcasting distribution companies includes data for programming services such as basic and discretionary television packages.

The CRTC’s report does not include information on Internet access, telephone services and other non-programming items. Over the years, networks have evolved and are now used to offer a variety of advanced communication services, in addition to television programming. Moreover, companies are accessing the networks of the large companies to offer their own services to Canadians.

As such, the CRTC's report on cable and satellite companies cannot provide a complete picture of the Internet and telephony landscape. The CRTC will publish in-depth information on Internet and telephone services in the forthcoming edition of the Communications Monitoring Report.

These annual reports allow interested parties to keep up to date on the situation in the Canadian communications industry and help them participate in the CRTC’s public consultations.

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