Illegal Calls from People Claiming to be from the National Do Not Call List

The CRTC is warning Canadians about illegal calls from individuals who claim that they are calling on behalf of the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) operator.

The originators of these calls are falsely displaying (spoofing) the National DNCL toll-free phone number. These individuals are making claims that the call recipient’s telephone number is about to expire from the National DNCL and that the number must re-registered over the phone.

Neither the CRTC nor the National DNCL operator contact Canadians regarding the status of their telephone numbers on the National DNCL. In 2014, the CRTC enhanced the privacy of Canadians by making registrations to the National DNCL permanent. This means that there is no need to re-register telephone numbers. Numbers remain on the list, unless an individual specifically requests that it be removed.

If you have received a call from a representative claiming to be from the National DNCL operator, please do not provide any personal information, including your telephone numbers. We encourage you to make a complaint to the National DNCL or call 1-866-580-DNCL (3625).

What are the penalties for violating these rules?

The CRTC takes violations of the National DNCL and the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules seriously. If found in violation, individuals can be issued monetary penalties of up to $1,500 per violation and corporations can be issued penalties of up to $15,000 per violation.

Spoofing is a violation of the Unsolicited Telecommunication Rules.

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