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A high quality phone system is crucial to providing Canadians with access to a world-class communications system. We want Canadians to be able to connect to quality and innovative communication services at affordable prices. We strive to protect the safety and interests of Canadians by:

  • enforcing the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules and the National Do Not Call List;
  • regulating telecommunications carriers, including major telephone companies;
  • approving tariffs and certain agreements for the telecommunications sector; and
  • encouraging competition in telecommunications markets to ensure that Canadians have a choice of innovative and affordable services.

We do not intervene in the retail rates for most communication services.


Switch Providers and Keep your Number

How to switch service providers and keep your number when you switch. Cancel your services.

Make a Complaint

How to make a complaint about your phone services online, by email and by phone.

Choose a Local Phone Service

Everything you need to know about choosing a local phone service.

Change your Long-Distance Provider

What to know before you switch providers and what to do about “slamming” (unauthorized switching).

Find a Service Provider Near You

Find television, Internet, mobile and phone service providers in your area. See what they have to offer. Choose the service provider that works best for you.

Phone Services for People with Disabilities

Message relay services (MRS), video relay services (VRS), and 9-1-1 services for people with disabilities.

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