CRTC Decisions Related to the Wireless Code

Deadline Extension Applications

When the Wireless Code policy was originally created, the Commission gave the companies six months to implement it (i.e., until December 2013). The Commission said that it would consider requests from service providers to extend their deadline, but only if they could prove that it was technically impossible or financially exceptionally unreasonable for them to meet the deadline.

The Commission received one extension request application:

Review and Vary Applications

After the Commission creates a new telecommunications policy, if a company, individual or group disagrees with an aspect of the policy, they can request that the Commission “review and vary,” or in other words, reconsider and change, the policy within the first 90 days following publication. The following applications are about requests to change the Wireless Code.

The Commission received two Review and Vary applications:

Clarification Applications

As with any new rules, there may be parts of the Wireless Code that are unclear or open to interpretation. If at any time a company, group, or individual is unclear on how the Wireless Code should be applied or interpreted, they can seek guidance from the Commission. In addition, the Commission stated in the Wireless Code policy that if any part of the Code or a consumer’s contract is ambiguous, or if it is unclear how the terms of the Code or the contract are to be applied, then the Code and the contract must be interpreted in a manner that is favourable to the consumer.

The Commission continues to receive and respond to applications to clarify the Wireless Code.

Review of the Wireless Code

In its decision to establish the Code, the Commission stated its intention to review the Code within three years of implementation.  The CRTC conducted this review in 2016-2017.  As a result, the Commission clarified certain existing rules and made targeted changes to the Code, as set out in the following decision:

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