The Martels: Don’t panic. New phones come unlocked.

  • Oliver
    • Here I go.
    • Heading off to a yoga retreat in the far East with my friend Kavya.
    • I tell the family I’ve got my new cell phone with me so I’ll call home every day... once I buy a SIM card overseas.
  • David
    • Noooooo!
  • Oliver
    • David calls in a panic.
    • Goes on about my new phone; how I’ll have to get it unlocked to use that SIM card; how I’ll have to pay a fee.
    • Not to worry, I tell him.
    • My new phone came unlocked for free!
    • Whoa, looks like David’s the one who really needs a yoga retreat.
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You’ve packed your bags, bought your new phone and you’re ready to travel the world. Now all you have to do is buy a local SIM card when you get there and you’ll be able to use your new phone on a WSP or network in whatever country you’re visiting. But wait! Your phone has to be unlocked to use a different SIM card. And aren’t there fees for unlocking a new phone? No need to panic. According to the Wireless Code, all newly purchased phones must come unlocked – free of charge.

Learn more about how the Wireless Code is protecting you from unwanted charges.

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