The Martels: Switching service providers and worried your phone won’t be unlocked?

  • Han
    • It’s not every Saturday morning you wake up to find your kids cleaning the house... without being asked.
    • Hmm...Something was definitely up.
    • Charlotte fills me in.
    • The three of them wanted to do something nice for me since I had to pay all those fees to unlock their phones when I switched service providers last week.
    • Awww. So sweet.
    • Wonder if I should tell them now that unlocking their phones was free?
    • Maybe once they’re done cleaning the living room and the kitchen.
    • I just love Saturdays!
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So you’re thinking about switching cell phone service providers, but you’re worried you’ll have to pay to get your phone unlocked. No worries. According to the Wireless Code, you and your whole family have the right to ask to have your phones unlocked at any time. And best of all, there’s absolutely no charge! Life just got a whole lot easier and more affordable. But don’t tell the kids until they’ve finished doing their chores.

Learn more about how the Wireless Code is helping to contribute to a more dynamic marketplace.


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