The Martels: Not happy with your service provider? Shop around!

  • Robert
    • We’re all set to enjoy our morning stroll through the hood with Nick and Nook... when it happens.
    • We get an email from our internet service provider letting us know our rates are going up.
    • Then Richard flips. Says it’s an outrage. He won’t stand for it. Says he’ll scour the entire neighbourhood to find out who has the best deal. He’s not taking this lying down!
    • Before I can stop him, he’s gone... with Nook!
    • [5 hours later...]
    • Finally, they’re back! I let Richard know that I’ve taken care of everything. Just surfed around for a better deal and found a new service provider. We’re actually going to pay less than we do now. Great, right?
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Out of the blue your rates go up. Internet, phone, TV? Doesn’t matter which one it is. No one likes to pay more and no one likes to pay for services they aren’t happy with.

The good news is you do have options. You can either renegotiate with your current service provider or you can shop around for a better deal with a new provider. These days, there are lots of options out there for you to compare. Why not take advantage of them?

Learn more about your options.

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