The Martels: Changed your mind about your new wireless service? You do have options.

  • Charlotte
    • At first, I thought my new phone was the best. We connected. It was cute. But was it the right one for me?
    • Or had I made a terrible mistake?
    • Then the café owner, Leo, tells me it’s easy to return my phone and cancel or change services if I’m not happy... as long as I’ve had it less than 15 days and have used less than half my monthly data! Nightmare over.
    • Decaf soy latté please... to go.
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You just got a new phone and now you really wish you could return it and cancel that contract you signed. It happens. Maybe you don’t like the service. Maybe you just don’t like the phone you chose. Or maybe you’ve just found a better deal. Whatever the reason, you do have options.

Now, under the rules of the Wireless Code, you can cancel your contract and return your phone if you’re not happy with it. And you can do this at no cost, within 15 days of your purchase, if you haven’t used more than half of the monthly data specified in your plan.

Don’t let your new phone become a nightmare. Learn more about the ways in which the Wireless Code benefits you.


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