The Martels: Don’t be fooled by phony caller IDs.

  • [Phone ringing]
  • [Mou answers the phone]
    • This is Windows tech support calling to inform you
    • your computer has a virus.
    • Not to worry ma'am, we'll clean it right away.
    • Are you in front your computer?
    • Excellent, we'll just need your credit card information so that we can proceed with removing the vi—
  • Sebastien
    • Who needs a guard dog when we've got Mou to protect us from phony calls.
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We’ve all received phony calls that we thought were legitimate.

No matter how nicely someone asks, if you suspect the call is a scam, do not give out any financial information or grant access to your computer. Best advice: HANG UP.

Don’t be fooled by phony calls, check out our information on caller ID spoofing and protect your family, your friends and yourself!

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