The Martels: Track your family’s data usage to avoid surprises.

  • Oliver
    • The sun is shining and it doesn't take much to convince the grandkids to go play in the park.
    • I'm pretty persuasive when I want to be... and flexible.
    • Then we all get the same text warning.
    • [Updated! You have used 95% of your shared data.]
    • Makes no sense.
    • We should have plenty of data left for the month.
    • And that's when it hits me.
    • I think I might know what's going on.
    • My hunch is right.
    • The grandkids are playing that new reality game again.
    • I snap them back to this reality and save the data.
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It’s always a shock to receive notification that almost all your data is done much sooner than expected. This frequently happens when multiple users are on the same plan... particularly when the kids and grandkids are involved.

Learn more about how to track your monthly data usage.


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