The Martels: Don’t let extra mobile roaming phone charges surprise you while travelling.

  • Han
    • There's nothing quite like that feeling of coming home from a long business trip and being greeted by...
    • A big fat roaming charge!
    • Hmm...
    • Rewind button anyone?
    • I'm sure glad I remembered to set up a roaming plan before I left.
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It’s happened to all of us. The cab is late. You can’t find your passport. There was a problem at school minutes before you had to leave for your business trip outside of the country. Worrying about roaming charges wasn’t even on the radar until you got home, looked at your bill and, “What the?!” A huge roaming charge! We’ve all been there, hopefully just once.

Here’s where you can learn more about ways to reduce your roaming charges for your next trip. Bon voyage!


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