The Martels: Why aren’t some online TV shows available for streaming in your area?

  • Romy
    • Yay! The big night was here.
    • The online release of the show Infinite Conspiracy.
    • Couldn't wait to binge watch it.
    • [This content is not available in your region]
    • When that U.S. website told me I couldn't watch it,
    • I knew something was really, really wrong.
    • This was a conspiracy!
    • And I was just the person to figure out
    • what was really going on.
    • I followed leads...
    • Gathered evidence, ruled out suspects.
    • But I was stumped.
    • Then my brother told me the show was probably geo-blocked. Geo-what?
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You’ve been waiting months for the second season of your favourite show to drop. Then the trailers started showing up on social media. One week to go! You couldn’t wait to binge watch the whole next season! So the day arrives. You’ve got pyjamas and snacks and you’re good to go when it all comes crashing down! “Content is blocked?! Nooooo!!!”

Unfortunately this isn’t something the CRTC can control. Why not visit our website to learn more about streaming restrictions.

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