The Martels: Why is the big game blacked out?

  • [Doorbell]
  • Charlotte
    • I totally live and breathe sports, so game night's like my oxygen.
    • Friends, neighbours, hockey, big screen TV!
    • Game on!
    • [We’re sorry. This game is blacked out in your viewing area.]
    • Huh?
    • No!
    • Hey!
    • Huh?
    • Did I forget to mention that nothing, and I mean nothing, stops game night? Not even a blackout.
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Frustrated by TV program blackouts?

Nothing’s more frustrating when you look forward to a TV show or sporting event than finding out that it isn’t available in your viewing area. But sometimes your cable company or other distributor is required to block delivery of the game, event or show. It’s called a blackout, and it’s done for reasons the CRTC doesn’t control.

Learn more about TV blackouts and who to contact to voice your concerns.


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