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Alternative Dispute Resolution

The CRTC provides services to help parties resolve disputes related to the Broadcasting Act.

Local Broadcast Markets

The broadcasting data listed in the tables is based on the originating radio and television programming undertakings and their ownership, as approved by the Commission.

Submit TV program logs

Licensees are required - by Regulations - to maintain, in a form acceptable to the Commission, a program log or machine readable record of programming (to be referred to collectively as a program log).

Canadian Program Certification

Canadian Program Certification helps independent Canadian program producers to obtain Canadian certification for TV productions that use mainly Canadian crews and talents.

Apply for Canadian Program Certification

To help reduce the barriers to certifying risky to produce high impact productions, we’re ready to waive some of criteria from the regular certification process.

List of CRTC Canadian Program Recognition Numbers

See the full list.

Request Addition to List of Non-Canadian Programming Services

To complete this form online and submit it to the CRTC, log in to My CRTC Account via the Broadcasting Online Form and Cover Page.

What we are doing

On-Going Consultations

We regularly hold public hearings, round-table discussions, informal forums, and online discussion forums designed to gather Canadians' views about broadcasting services—information that we can then act on to serve the public interest. See what we’re doing today!

On-Going Applications (Part 1s)

Broadcasting service providers have a lot of daily on-going business with the CRTC. See what we’re doing today!

Acts and Regulations

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