Staff-Assisted Mediation

Staff-assisted mediation is a confidential dispute resolution process, where our staff helps parties come to a mutually acceptable resolution.

Even if parties are unable to fully resolve their dispute through staff-assisted mediation, we can help reduce the number of issues in dispute to clearly identify those that may require further Commission involvement.

Seek Staff-Assisted Mediation

You can request staff-assisted mediation by telephone or via GCKey. In the first paragraph, you must clearly indicate that you are requesting staff-assisted mediation.

For disputes related to a broadcasting issue:

By email:
By phone:

For disputes related to a telecommunications issue:

By email:
By phone:

Our staff will work with you to figure out whether the dispute is appropriate for mediation. If it isn't appropriate, we may suggest a different mechanism for redressing the dispute.

If you cannot make your request via GCKey or by phone, you can send it by mail to the CRTC's Secretary General at:

Secretary General
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0N2

All requests for staff-assisted mediation should be marked as confidential.

How Does the Mediation Process Work?

Mediation can be conducted by telephone, conference calls, in-person meetings or a combination of these methods. Our staff will facilitate communication and exchanges between parties to help reach consensus and resolve the issues to the satisfaction of both parties. The process is voluntary and resolutions are non-binding.

All discussions, information and materials used in the mediation process are kept confidential. To allow for frank and open discussions, parties are invited to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This also encourages both parties to approach the mediation with a view to coming to a mutually acceptable solution.

For broadcasting issues, the preferred approach is an in-person meeting for two consecutive days in the Commission's offices in Gatineau.

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