My phone contract got renewed without my approval.

That’s not cool. Your phone company can’t do thatFootnote 1.

You need to contact the CCTSFootnote 2. They are mandated to resolve (if necessary) these types of complaints.

Contact the CCTS:

But wait! If this is about a business phone contract, the rules are different

For your convenience, your phone provider can auto-renew your business phone contract so that you always have service. They are, however, supposed to clearly outline your renewal information on your bill:

  • 2-months before it happens and
  • 1-month after it has been renewed.

But this only applies if you’re in a regulated area.

How do you know if you’re in a regulated or unregulated area?

  1. Go to the list of Telephone Exchanges Open for Competition and select your province.
  2. Find your city name in this list.
    1. If there is a decision number next to the city name, then you are in an unregulated area and you need to contact the CCTS.
    2. If you cannot find your city name in the list OR if there is no decision number next to the city name, then you are in a regulated area (so please send us a complaint or give us a call so that we can follow-up with the company on your behalf and investigate the problem).

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